The Hard Rules

Required Reading

Our core objective is to have a great time racing and sharing our love for these cars.  We also want to accomplish what our brothers in the UK have done, which is to place the Formula Ford, with its intense racing and accessible economics in its proper place in the world of Historic Motorsports.  

To do that, we need to race hard, but with respect and care for each other. To be blunt, if we behave like hooligans, there won't be a 2019 series.  

Our cars need to be prepared to their original specifications, and need to look great, to show the pride and love we have for them.

So get rid of the duct tape, repair the blemishes, and lets get the cars back to their pure, original state. (For example, get the classic SCCA decals)

We are running the 2017 Monoposto Racing Historic Ford and Club Ford Rules.  You can see them at www.monoposto.com.  Why?  These are the worldwide rules for Historic Competition that the FIA, our sister clubs all over the US, UK, AU, CA, NZ and local clubs like CSRG, SVRA, HMSA, RMVR. VARA, HRG, SVRA, The Royale Series, SOVREN, and more are all adapting to.  We are making a few allowances to be more inclusive rather than less. First,  a minimum car weight of 1102 pounds with driver for Historic Fords and 1125 for Club Fords with Driver.   You can have a 5 pound variation from the minimum weight. Some of us are not so slim anymore so the without-driver minimums are a bit punitive, especially if you like beer.  Second, you can use alloy wheels  Third, Club Fords and Historic Fords will be scored separately.

Because the racing in Formula Fords tends to be more intense than in other vintage classes, we are also emphasizing the basics to keep us all safe

1.  Each host club's rules are in force for each event.  Be sure to review them carefully.

2.  Any black flags, contact, illegal cars or unsportsmanlike/unfriendly behavior means you will be excluded from the series.  

3. Front row drivers will maintain a moderate "pace car" speed until the green flag waves.  If the front row jumps to race pace too soon, there will be wave offs and black flags.

4. No splitting back markers, ever.  We will talk more about this, but caring for your friends who are developing their skills or happy to race their buddies wherever they happen to be, is a core value of this program and of the Clubs we all support.

6. Saturday is the series attendance points race, Sunday we will request a reversed grid for the top 10 places.  We want to give the midpack a chance to lead.

7. You must be present to win prizes at the Saturday Podium Party

8.  Remember the race you are in... if you are an HF driver, with a fast CF behind you, move over, this is not your fight.

9. These are big fields (40+) cars, so pack racing rules and etiquette are in effect... that means leave room!

The "Soft" Rules or Gentlemen/Ladies Agreements

1. You can run Avons, Dunlops if you want them, or Hoosiers. Roger Krause has stepped in to support us, so if you can, run the Avons please.

2. Pit together where possible.

3. One set of tires per weekend max unless you cut a tire.