The SOVREN Columbia River Classic is next.

Sept 7-9 at Portland International Raceway is the next race in the Crossflow Cup season.  This is the second year we all gather for this incredibly fun weekend.  Between the All British Meet and its temptations (beer, cars for sale)  the amazing food, and nightlife of Portland,  the hospitality of our host club, and the 40+ expected Formula Fords, this is an awesome event.   We will also be giving away prizes, bottles of amazing wine and $5 medals if you podium.  And as always the Podium Party thanks to and

Some Details

The core values of the Crossflow Cup, are fair, safe and friendly racing with your friends, in the best class of vintage race cars on the planet.  So come prepared to see old friends and make new ones and take that camaraderie on track. The two main events of the weekend are..

Test day - Friday, September 7, there will be a practice day hosted by the Lotus Club that includes a Formula Ford only group.  Registration starts at 8 am... we will confirm all the details, but last year the cost was $250 cash or check, payable that morning and includes 5 sessions.   This is a ton of track time and highly recommended.  We will arrange for race gas to be available on Friday if you need it.

Ivey Engines Party - Friday evening Sept 7, the second annual reception will be held at Ivey Engines.  We had an absolute blast last year and remember this is a chance to get Jay to spend money on you!  The drinks and food were great, and a great way to meet your fellow drivers.  Attendance by all is welcome and encouraged.  The party is from 4:30 to 7 on Friday, Sept 7.  Ivey Engines is located at  4722 NE 148th Ave. Portland, OR 97230.  

Racing Weekend Details

Saturday Race Format - After a lot of discussion with drivers and officials... we are changing the Saturday race format to get a cleaner grid, and we are also not going to run the chicane on lap one.  
Saturday session sequence - Practice, Qualifying, Race
Race start procedure - We will have the chicane closed for lap 1 of the race.  I think we all felt that there was too much pressure at the chicane (some scary stuff happens there) so when you take the start, you will go straight through to turn 4 (like in the old days). On lap 2, we will flow through the chicane.
Scales - Ken Dye of DND will be providing and manning the scales... you are encouraged to weigh after every session.  Min weight with driver for Historic Fords is 1100, Club Fords are 1125.
Tires - Monopost rules as always, so Dunlop, Hoosier, Avon

Important reminders

  • We have tight, orderly first gear starts. Allowing the back of the field at Portland and Sonoma, to catch up and be well ordered at the start, is keyto reducing lapped cars. It also looks cool.

  • Respect and care for backmarkers - We will talk more about this, but we try like heck not to split backmarkers. It is dangerous, and to be avoided if at all possible.

  • Passing - If you need the driver in front of you to get out of the way, to complete your pass, don't attempt the pass. We had one bad accident this year because this simple rule was ignored in a red mist.

  • With 40+ open wheel cars on the track, flags and sportsmanship at the highest levels are required so bring your best self.

  • Gear ratios. - If you have the common 9:31 ring and pinion, this is what is recommended

  • 18/34 - 20/30 - 23/29 - 24/26

  • Register early and save $150 click here to register


Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 3.50.46 PM.png


CSRG Charity Challenge, October 5-7 at Sonoma Raceway

The Charity Challenge is the final race in the Crossflow Championship.  We will be announcing more details, soon, but this year's event will include big, end of year prizes;  an Ivey Engines rebuild certificate, a set of new Avons from Roger Krause, The Spouse's reception at Ramsgate Winery, and more. 

We are anticipating over 50 cars.  Anyone who has been to the big Formula Ford anniversaries and festivals will tell you what a blast a gathering like this is.  However, the maximum grid allowed at Sonoma is 60 closed wheel cars, and we may need to limit the grid to 50-55.   If you are considering this event, it will be epic, and you should enter early.  Many more details to come, click here to register early.