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Final Details

With lovely weather and a healthy grid, it is shaping up to be another great weekend. 

The success of the two-group format means we will have, thanks to the CSRG board, an A Main and a B main format again (and yes 12 medals, 6 bottles of wine, and just for fun, 14 bottles of Champagne).  You will be seeded either into Group 6 or Group 5, with Group 6 being 30 cars, and Group 5,  20 cars, based on the same lap time and race position formula we used at Laguna.  The groups will be adjusted up or down based on Saturday Morning qualifying.

Front row qualifiers in both groups, remember, if the pace car is too fast, and you are not 100% sure the group is formed up tight by the exit of turn 9, slow down, and control the grid.  We do not want another loose A main start as we had at Laguna. If the pace car wants to set a lap record, fine, let it do that, but control and tighten the group.  A beautiful, well-organized start is safer and puts on a great show.

VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE - Group 5 will be split start with a very small group of Formula Juniors and Formula V's...  I will personally pace the group to assure a least a 60-second gap, which means, barring a mechanical the two groups should never see each other.  That said, extreme respect and care passing, and as we do for each other, and no backmarker splitting are the order of the day.

Formula Fords should paddock together on the row in front of the garages, or the row behind as close to the John Anderson row as possible. 

The scales will be in the garages as was the case last October.

We have several newbies running with us for the first time, so keep an eye out for them in BOTH groups.

New Series

There two very cool new series, 100% inspired by your success, the USRRC Tribute Series (group 4) and the John Morton Trophy  (group 8) both kick off with their first races this weekend.  Both groups have great inaugural grids of 21 and 18 cars each.  So lets all please get out on to pre-grid with them, and encourage the drivers.  I know we tend to spend all day locked up in our own paddock spots, polishing and worrying more speed out of our cars, but let's make an effort to show real support for these groups as they are poised to launch their new programs.

See you at the races.