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Thunderhill seems a long time ago

To say it has been an epic year for Formula Ford, would be a massive understatement Since the Baker, Parmantier, and Duncan Masterclass last May at Thunderhill (plus the hay gathering of Porritt, Wait and Streets) there has been a year’s worth of action. From the unprecedented appearance of 56 Formula Fords at The Rolex Reunion and Pre-Reunion to the mass gathering at Elkhart lake, we come to the back end of a year to remember. With the Sonoma series finale at the Charity Challenge and the casual fun of the Season Finale at Thunderhill, many Crossflow regulars will have posted an astronomic 11-12 race weekends in 2019. But all that said, there is a championship to conclude, 12 awards to handout and the handmade Crossflow cup to present.

Given the smaller group at the Charity Challenge (we expect about 35 cars), we will run one, not two groups, so it is even more important than ever to give a new crop of rookies (there will be at least 3 drivers posting their first start) a positive start to their careers. The plan, for now, is to run a normal start and the usual race weekend format … with qualifying, Saturday morning, Points race Saturday afternoon and one more big party and champagne spray Saturday later afternoon sponsored by Vehicles For Charity. Sunday will be the normal non-points CSRG club event and as always, take it easy… Sunday is when the weird stuff happens.

As always, the second group plan may be an option, depending on both the final size of the group and the wishes of drivers running multiple cars.

Series Finale Awards

As a reminder, you need to be present, contact and black flag free to receive an award.

The Crossflow Cup - To the driver who is emblematic of the sport, and has made a meaningful contribution to the community

Series MVP - Has run every event, been a consistent improver, and someone who is central to the fun we’re having

Rookie of the year - A first-year rookie, who has made all the right moves and impressed the awards committee

Most improved Formula Ford - From barn find to show winner. The car that with the most improvement in the season

Best Formula Ford - The car that produces unrequited lust in anyone that sees it

Championship Trophies - The pointy end of the gird in Historic, Club and Masters

Championship Standings going into the Charity Challenge

In Historic Ford, Danny Baker leads the Historic points, and only a DNF will keep him from getting the big trophy. Danny has run a remarkable season, with both consistency and great form. Overall the class had 58 points scoring drivers this year, with an amazing 45 cars scoring at every event season to date.


In Club Ford, once again the podium has ironmen Dan Wise and David Dupuis, and the leader, a very rapid Tom Duncan who not even a DNF will keep from the big trophy. The total number of scoring cars this year in the class is up 100%, with 20 cars appearing for scoring in 2019.

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In Masters, Tom Duncan leads an impressive and inspiring group of drivers who do not appear to be slowing down in terms of their level of commitment and passion for the sport. Even more impressive, over 50% are Super Masters (over 65), and we expect all of them back next year.

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And finally

If we can scramble to do it, we will try to have a series T-shirt done in time for the Charity Challenge. If you are entered in the Charity Challenge only, please click on this link to let us know your T-Shirt size or copy and paste to get the survey.

Any questions or help, please let us know.

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