Hi everyone;

Portland is just over two months away, and we thought it best to get everyone some details and information well in advance to make sure it's a great, smooth, fun weekend.  So here are the key things to know and think about.

Preparing for Portland.

Sim Training - If you have never been to Portland, prepare to have a great time.  It is a super-fun circuit, with a number of nuances that make it challenging.  If you have never been there, I cannot over-emphasize the value of simulator training.  Tom Pabst of Pro Racing Simulators, is at Sonoma Raceway, across from the John Anderson shops.  He has a great Portland set up and even better, he lived and raced up there for years and can share the secrets of the track.  Set aside two to three hours to really get oriented.   You can reach Tom at http://prsdd.com call  (707) 975-6244 or email him at tompabst@prsdd.com 

Without sim training, you will flop around out there for half a day at least before you know your way around.

Gear ratios. - If you have the common 9:31 ring and pinion, this is what we used last year. 





Top speed in 4th was 126 at 7,000

Where to stay - There will be more detail on the SOVREN site, but if you like to plan ahead, the link below has a number of suggestions.


Testing and Parties

Test day - Mark Viskov of the Lotus Club and Ivey Engines, has graciously opened a group for us to test on Friday.  I highly recommend you do this, it will help you prep and enoy the race weekend.   The test day will be the Friday of the race weekend, September 1st at Portland International Raceway. Cost is $285, It's a fully open test with a full staff of corner workers and you should expect to get 4-5 20 min sessions. For sign up or further info, call Mark Viskov at 503-913-1102

Ivey Engines Friday Night Party - The Ivey boys will be putting on a celebration for the Formula Ford group on Friday evening after the test day at their shop (about 10 minute drive from the track)  So keep your agenda open and plan on coming.  The Ivey shop is really fun to tour and there will be food, beer, wine, and stories.

Group Dinner Saturday night - For those of you who just can't get enough of your FF brothers and sisters, we will be organizing a mass group dinner on Saturday night, more to come on that.

Towing - We will be coordinating, for those that are interested, a convoy departure from Sonoma so we can keep each other company.  There is also a possibility that there will be trailer room for two cars (not tools and spares, the cars only).  So if you think you might need help getting your car up there, let Andrew Wait know (andrew.wait@gmail.com)

Thank yous and other news

Many thanks to our SOVREN brothers Jim Johnson and Jeff Rogers, they have been amazing in their help and support of the event.  Also huge thanks to the Ivey family, their support has been incredibly important.

And finally a reminder about the final Crossflow Cup race at the Charity Challenge.  We will be awarding an Ivey engine refresh certificate, a set of Avons, Helmets, Hunziker Shoes, Championship Trophies, the Crossflow Cup, the Best Car Award, and more.  We also have an anonymous donor who will donate to the Sonoma Speedway Children's Charity, $150 for each Formula Ford that enters.  Our current informal car count is 40 cars, it should be an amazing event.

We have had several guys buy cars to join the series next year, and we know of at least 5 more people who are looking for cars. If you know of a car, post it on the Facebook page.