Hi all... here are the final details and loose ends on the weekend.  Any questions let me know, but hopefully the information below answers all the questions I have received so far.  PLEASE share this with any fellow competitors that are not getting this newsletter.

Can I arrive and park my rig on Thursday?

YES - There is a lot of activity at the track that weekend so it would be best if you could arrive after 4:30.   You can park for free on the lawn, or you can park in the club paddock for $28.  

Do I need to pay or register in advance for the test and tune session on Friday?

NO -  Mark will take a check or cash for $285 on Friday when you come in.

Anything else I need to know about the test day?

YES -  See below

  • There is a driver's meeting at 8:30 am Friday.  Mark runs the event from the inside (pro-pits) paddock, but there will be times throughout the day where you can cross back and forth with your cars.
  • You will get up to 5 sessions throughout the day, if things run smoothly.
  • You can join in the day at any point if you are arriving later.
  • Since this is about familiarization, the first couple of  laps will run under Yellow so everyone can see the flag stands, and the "chinane open" sign

Will there be race gas available on Friday?

YES - Racegas will arrive mid morning or so, so please fill up your cars before you leave home so you are good for the first session or two.

Are there any tech details to be aware of?

YES - In the rainy Northwest, they strongly recommend your run rain lights.  It is not a deal breaker, but take the time to install a rain light if you can.   We will be weighing cars at this event (top 5 in qualifying, top 5 in race) so check your weight before you leave home if you can.  Otherwise, it's Monoposto rules as has been the case all year.

Is the party at Ivey Engines pre-dinner snacks or drinks or dinner?

It is pre-dinner snacks and drinks... so come on time, have some fun and then head out to a proper evening dinner.

Will it the normal Crossflow cup format and will be in an all FF grid?

YES - We will qualify on Saturday morning, points race and podium party Saturday afternoon, club racing on Sunday.  And yes, an all FF grid!

All other details are available here https://www.norwestff.com/new-blog/2017/6/14/important-information-about-the-portland-race

Any last thoughts?

YES -  Many, many thanks to our SOVREN supporters, the support and generosity they have extended is amazing.  Let's repay the favor with clean racing, buying some beers and giving them the same support when they come down to race us.

And as always... questions please let me or any of the team know.

Charity Challenge Updates

The details (prizes, awards etc.) list is more or less final, so if you come, here is what to expect in addition to a huge field, great racing and camaraderie.

  • An amazing event that is really starting to take shape (www.charityracing.org)
  • Championship trophies for Historic Ford and Club Ford
  • Event medals as usual
  • Championship Medals for every entrant at the Challenge
  • A set of Avons will be raffled off, thanks to Roger Kraus Racing
  • A $2000 engine refresh certificate raffled off thanks to Ivey Engines
  • The usual podium party thanks to Auction City, York19 and Car Week Concierge
  • Long tow, hard charger and more awards from Sonoma View Winery
  • The best turned out Formula Ford Trophy thanks to Anderson Racing (start polishing your cars now, you will want this one on your shelf)
  • Podium champagne thanks to Anonymous!
  • The Crossflow Cup award thanks to Ivey Engines
  • HTC Helmet to the Series champs and Hunkier Designed Shoes