Pass the word - SOVREN members, I do not have everyone entered on this mailing list or the Facebook page,  so please forward this to all the FF drivers you think might be coming.

Bring your best self - As of today, we have 38 cars entered, that is a huge field and will make that first trip through the chicane... interesting.  So start calming down now, we want everyone to make it through in one piece.  If we get well over 40 cars, we may blend at the start just to keep everyone safe.  This is what the F1 masters do occasionally and we did it at Laguna. We will make that call with the Stewards on Saturday morning.

Ivey Party- The Ivey Engines Party will be at Ivey Engines from 4:30 to 7 on Friday Sept 1.  The shop is at 4722 NE 148th Ave.Portland, OR 97230.  

Format reminder - A reminder of the format.  

  • FF drivers have a quick 5 minute meeting after the general drivers meeting on Saturday morning.
  • We qualify Saturday morning at 9:25, 
  • Then a  qualifying race at 11:25 Saturday
  • Crossflow cup points race 3:25 and podium at 5:10 sharp before the worker Party on Saturday.  We will raffle off the usual cool prizes and give lots of wine away, you must be present to win.   
  • Sunday there are two club races where we might invert the grid and give the midpack a thrill... race stewards call on that.

There is a link to the schedule here...

See you all in Portland!



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