Pre-register for two Iconic Formula Ford events

2019 is a banner year for Formula Ford competitors.  In addition to the Crossflow Cup races, your club races, two Formula Ford Festivals and the anniversary of the FIRST EVER Formula Ford race at Willow Springs, there is the unprecedented inclusion of Formula Ford at the Rolex Reunion in Monterey for club and historic fords, and the 50th Anniversary National Race at Elkhart Lake open to all Kent and Cortina Powered cars of all eras.

Four things to understand... 

1. These are not Crossflow events (HMSA and VSDCA are the host clubs), so support, questions answered etc. are not provided by the Crossflow Team.  We will try to be helpful, and we will have a party,  but we are not promoting these events.

2. One is an invitational (Rolex) the second (Elkhart Lake) is limited to 200 cars and they already have 150 signed up.

3. The Rolex has a warm-up event called the Pre-Reunion that comes the week before the Rolex Reunion.  You are welcome to enter both the Pre and The Reunion, or just one of the events. The pre-reunion has more track time and is lower key, so if you want more Laguna time, the Pre is cool.

4. Team up... rent AirBnb's together, organize towing and transport together, and plan to paddock together. We will help, but start grouping up now.

So go for it... these events are not perfect (spectator oriented etc.) but they are an incredible opportunity to promote our class, put on a hell of a show and have a great time.  If you are even slightly interested do not delay your entry.

The Rolex Motorsports Reunion pre-registration is open

To register for an invitation to the Reunion, please click on the link below

Entry Request

50th Anniversary of Formula Ford at Elkhart Lake

To register for an invitation to the Anniversary  please click on the link below


For more information on the Rolex and the 50th click on the link below

Rolex Motorsports Reunion

Formula Ford 50th