Laguna Registration

To register for the first race of the season, go to  .

A couple of things to know.

1. If you have run the event or with HMSA before, you can use the web registration form.  If you are new to this event, print out the PDF , fill it out and mail it into HMSA (address at the bottom of the form)

2. You do not need to be an HMSA member to run this event.  Just put a number in the membership box and the form will work fine. If you run more than one HMSA event this year, membership is a good idea.

If you have any problems or issues, let me or Cris Vandagriff know.


This man has the right mental preparation!

This man has the right mental preparation!

  • We have a new tire rule, that allows the option of running the A25 Avon in addition to the A29, Hoosier FF and Dunlop.  To refresh your sense of the rules visit

  • We are adding a new award this year, to be given out at the Charity Challenge.  The Most Improved Car trophy, will recognize the huge amount of work going into cars over this off-season. If you show up with your formerly tatty looking car looking amazing, you may walk away with a beautiful trophy.

  • There will be several Crossflow competitors testing (weather permitting) Monday March 1 at Sonoma.  Coaching and lead follow will be available if you are interested.

  • Start you mental preparation now.  Most of us will be returning to competition after a very long layoff, so remember the first-weekend mantra... "I will brake in a straighline, I will add throttle only at the apex"

  • Start recruiting your Modern FF driver pals to come to the May Thunderhill event May 3-5.  We need at least 15 to make a run group, so let's start chatting with them now.

  • More to come soon...