Important details…

Heat groups - We have completely exceeded the maximum run group size Laguna will allow at this event (44 cars) so rather than turn people away, we will run two heats... an A main and B main.  The final line ups for the Saturday afternoon points race will be set by times during Saturday morning qualy.  So you will be seeded into qualifying groups and then will move up or down from the A to the B group depending on your time.  There will be podium Trophies, hard charger, best dice awards, Champagne spraying and more for BOTH groups... yes that means 12 bottles of champagne.    This is a great opportunity to destress the first race of the year and go old school.

This does, however, make the weekend a bit more complicated to manage, so please make 100% sure you come to the drivers meeting.

Register today - The weather looks great (forecast below) so those of you who are waiting to see how it looks, you can probably still register if you contact Cris ASAP.   I will be reaching out to those of you on the bubble to let you know we have increased event capacity for Formula Fords so register by EOD tomorrow... there are no longer any foreseeable event size restrictions. 

Saturday night party 6-9 pm -   The Crossflow group and its sponsors are hosting the entire event to a taco, beer and wine party.  So please make sure you and your crew make it.  Details below. 

Revival Road Co. 
160 Calle Del Oaks Place, Monterey, California 93940 (Just four miles from Laguna Seca in the industrial park behind Starbucks off HWY 68). 

Super casual attire. Dress warmly. All are welcome.  Plenty of parking. 

6-9 pm.

Load-in and Registration - We will be allowed into the paddock at 11:00 AM Friday March 15th. 

  • Registration on Friday March 15th, will be located at the gas pumps starting at 3:00 P.M.  Registration on Saturday will be starting at 8:00 A.M. Tech will be starting on Friday at 3:30 P.M. and be open until dark.         

  • Race gas is available at the track.

  • Roger Kraus Racing will be at the track starting on Friday afternoon. Please contact Roger in advance if you would like him to bring tires to the track for you. Roger can be reached at; 510-582-5031 or email:

Year Book - We will be photo-documenting the event on and off track for a 2019 yearbook.  Leica wielding pro Alvin Lumanlan will be doing the off-track shots...

Important Reminders -

The 50th Anniversary event at Willow the following Friday is a 3X points event.  If you run it, please let me or scorekeeper Jim Cody know. You can learn about the event here.

And finally... The Masters Championship

All drivers 60 or over on the Friday of the Laguna event, are eligible for the Masters Championship.  Please let Jim Cody, or myself know asap so we can score you properly.

As always, any questions let us know.  

The CF Team.

Its looking nice!

Its looking nice!