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Paddock info and other reminders

You can load in starting at 11:00 AM.  The Formula Ford group can pit together in the area outlined in the yellow box above.  Basically group together on the row behind the garages, near John Anderson Racing.  It's not an exclusive thing, so if someone is there, don't worry, there will be a ton of paddock space, but it makes it easier to help out if we are all clustered in the same area.

If you see someone lost or alone, invite them to paddock with you... this is key, we don't want anyone having a lonely weekend. 

Remember to sign the series release Saturday morning, we will help you with that.

We might have the podium ceremony at the Revival Road party on Saturday night, so please organize your schedule so you can make that.  Reminder of time and place below

6-9 pm, Saturday March 16

Revival Road Co. 
160 Calle Del Oaks Place,
Monterey, California 93940
(Just four miles from Laguna Seca in the industrial park behind Starbucks off HWY 68). 

Super casual attire. Dress warmly. All are welcome.  Plenty of parking. 


Review the rules, the competition section is at the end of this email.

There are a ton of cars that have been worked on lovingly all winter, most of us are rusty, most of us are over-excited.  So ease into this weekend, visualize giving people room, driving smoothly and adding speed progressively, and most of all, focus on a beautiful race, played out well within your limits.

See you all tomorrow.


Competition Rules and Format - Because the racing in Formula Fords tends to be more intense than in other vintage classes, we are also emphasizing the basics to keep us all safe

1.  Each host club's rules are in force for each event.  Be sure to review them carefully.

2.  Any black flags, contact, illegal cars or unsportsmanlike/unfriendly behavior means you will be excluded from the series.  Any exclusion by any VMC club, or host club, means exclusion from the series.

3. Front row drivers will maintain a moderate "pace car" speed (1rst gear, 3500 rpm) until the green flag waves.  If the front row jumps to race pace too soon, there will be wave offs.

4. No splitting backmarkers. It is nearly impossible to focus on both mirrors, especially if you are racing someone.   We will talk more about this, but caring for your friends who are developing their skills or happy to race their buddies wherever they happen to be, is a core value of this program and of the Clubs we all support.

6. Saturday afternoon is the series attendance points race, followed by the podium party. You must be present to win prizes at the Saturday Podium Party

8.  Remember the race you are in... if you are an HF driver, with a fast CF behind you, move over, this is not your fight.

9. These are big fields (40+) cars, so pack racing rules and etiquette are in effect... that means leave room